In the Beginning…

So, every journey has to start somewhere right? For those of you who are not familiar with where we stated, I’m going to take a moment to fill you in.

“B” was your typical first-born. She was born @ 37 weeks; healthy and cooperative as far as newborns go. Breastfeeding was a little difficult @ first, but after a couple of weeks she seemed to have it down. Thinking back…transitions were always rough, but when aren’t they for newborns? Getting her to take a bottle was very challenging, but eventually we worked it all out.

“B” was around 4 months when a good friend of mine noticed a blister on the inside of “B’s” lip. Being naive, I assumed it was a nursing blister. I took her to the fill-in doctor (her regular physician was out of town) who turned out to be a Godsend! He referred us to Children’s Hospital where we found out she had a hemangioma. The blood vessels in her lip didn’t form correctly. Usually they let them heal on their own, but they didn’t want to mess around with her lip in case it would interfere with her eating (Oh, the irony). We went ahead with a series of steroid-injection shots to try to shrink it. We found out months later none of this worked so, we decided to go ahead with surgery. A week shy of her one-year-old birthday she had surgery to remove the hemangioma.

Why the big medical history? “B’s” therapists think that this is a big part of her eating issues. People poking/prodding and shots in her mouth right around the time she started baby food. Anything’s possible.

  • Around 8 months, “B” refused a long list of baby foods. She basically only ate stage 1 fruits. Anything else was a lost cause.
  • Texture appeared to be a HUGE issue for her. Mashed potatoes? Forget it! Cheese? Absolutely not! Noodles? Never made it past her lips.
  • Any new table food led to constant gagging. This continues 4.5 years later.
  • Just the smell of meats besides Tyson or McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets (Why is it that almost all kids can eat minced, breaded meat?) sent her into an emotional melt-down.
  • The way foods looked would cause her to leave the room or burst into tears.
  • Touching food that wasn’t dry or crunchy would send her into a panic.

I know so many people who have said or want to say, “She’s just messing with you, and you guys are falling for it.” As frustrating as that was for me to hear back then, when I hear it today I just want to drop-kick them 🙂 Actually, that’s when I try to educate. Lost cause or not, I have to stand up for my daughter.

Every story has a middle. We are smack-dab-still-in-it. I’ll save my next blog entry to explain to the skeptics how she and other kiddos like her are not just picky eaters!


About Jessica

I am currently a stay at home mom to my two beautiful girls. B is 7, thoughtful, and has sensory challenges. C is 5, spirited, and keeps me on my toes. Before B, I was a special education teacher. She's taught me more in her 7 years than I learned in my 5.5 years in college and my seven years teaching combined :)
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One Response to In the Beginning…

  1. You are amazing Jess! I’m now just reading these all. I had no idea! I’m gonna share this blog

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