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Lost Signals

Pet Peeves. I have so many. Drives who don’t use their blinkers. Drivers who veer into my lane for no reason other than they’re too busy yapping or texting on their cell phones. People who use the word “retarded” in their … Continue reading

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She’s Melting…

Meltdowns. They appear among toddlers of all ages, sizes, and temperaments.   The problem is “B” isn’t a toddler anymore. She’s 4.5 almost 5 years old. Yet the meltdowns we deal with when she’s in fight-or-flight mode take me back to … Continue reading

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A Not-So-Distant Future (2012)

New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone makes them. Lose weight, eat healthier, watch less T.V.,  spend more time with your family, exercise, lessen your stress. January rolls around and I’m glued to “Dr. Oz” or “The Doctors” talking myself into a lifestyle … Continue reading

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