A Word of Thanks

My parents are awesome! I really do have the best parents around. My mom doesn’t smother; yet she loves deeply. My dad encourages. They always go out of their way to let my siblings and I know how proud they are of us. How much they love us. They’re no different with their grandchildren. Their love overflows and it shows. It shows after a long weekend at Nana and Papa’s house. They reluctantly came home with us tonight. I know. Heartbreaking right? 🙂

Actually, sometimes I take them for granted. I forget how much they love and support B and her sister. They really believe in this sensory stuff! I’ve come across so many people who don’t, and it’s refreshing to watch people who truly “get” it.

Tonight my husband and I went to pick the girls up from my parent’s house. B was acting pretty antsy; like she needed a really good dose of sensory input. My mom told me they worked on a few sensory activities downstairs this weekend. They have a giant family room that has nothing in it. Believe it or not, it was B’s perfect sensory playground.

We went downstairs. My mom had a giant exercise ball, and they tossed it around. B used her body to block it. She dribbled it like a basket ball. She rolled it and tried to jump in front of the ball to stop it. She rolled on the ball and tried to maintain her balance. She laid backwards over the ball, twisted her body, and tried to sit up without using her hands. She hopped from one end of the room to the other. The room was SO open, she could have done anything she wanted!

I was secretly touched that my mom would go out of her way to make sure B was getting the sensory input she needed while she was there. I never asked her. She’s just a terrific sensory Nana! She can read B’s signals as well as I can. Here’s another example. She knew that the kindergarten class in church was too new and scary for B; instead, she walked her and her sister to the children’s church where B stayed comfortably the entire time!

And then there’s my dad! He’s gone back to law school and found his way into the world of Special Education. He’s jumped head first into the world of IEP’s, advocacy, schools, and families of kids with special needs. He “gets” it too. He is always eager and willing to learn about kids with special abilities and challenges.

Mom and dad, if you’re reading this, I just have to say thank you for standing by us during all the challenges and uncertainty. For believing in us when we though no one else did. For accepting B for the awesome girl she is. For embracing individuals with SPD and other challenges. You guys are amazing, and we love you with all of our hearts!

About Jessica

I am currently a stay at home mom to my two beautiful girls. B is 7, thoughtful, and has sensory challenges. C is 5, spirited, and keeps me on my toes. Before B, I was a special education teacher. She's taught me more in her 7 years than I learned in my 5.5 years in college and my seven years teaching combined :)
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