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Mommy Melt-down Moments

I’ve taken a long hiatus from blogging. Too long. The good news is most days have been pretty awesome, but then there’s those days that take us to the brink of our own mommy melt-down. The “Calgon take me away” … Continue reading

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She’s Melting…

Meltdowns. They appear among toddlers of all ages, sizes, and¬†temperaments. ¬† The problem is “B” isn’t a toddler anymore. She’s 4.5 almost 5 years old. Yet the meltdowns we deal with when she’s in fight-or-flight mode take me back to … Continue reading

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Mom’s Got High Hopes

Usually I try to keep my blog posts as upbeat and positive as possible. I’m not going to lie. Tonight was one of those nights. The frustration, the tears, exasperation, and the overwhelming need to scream. I’m not talking about … Continue reading

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Sweet Emotions

My husband can attest that living in a house full of mostly females (he does have the cat in his gender corner) can be a little overly dramatic at times. It can also be hilarious, fun-loving, moody, exciting, yap-happy, over-whelming, … Continue reading

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